The Lucknow Branch of the Richmond Fellowship Society (India) was established in March 2005. The Richmond Fellowship Society (India) Lucknow Branch provides psychosocial rehabilitation to the people suffering from mental illness.

We offer a friendly, caring and homely environment. If you wish to use our services you can contact us for more information. You can also download the admission form.


It is a NON PROFIT MAKING organization. Those who are Interested in helping us in this noble cause are whole heartedly welcome, the donations must be made in the name of “The Richmond Fellowship Society (India) Lucknow Branch, payable at Lucknow

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Services Offered

We are having our Center at Viraj Khand-5, Gomti Nagar by the name ‘Nav Uday Mansik Swasthya Sansthan’. We are having facilities like O.P.D. service, Day Care Centre and Half Way Home.

 Service Beneficiary Details 
 Out Patient   Consultations.   (O.P.D.)All patients suffering from any mental illness can attend the O.P.D. Patients requiring Counselling and Behaviour Therapy can be provided special packages.

Thrice a week Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

10.00 AM to 1.00 PM.

 Day Care CentreAll patients of mental illness who in spite of treatment have not improved sufficiently to relate properly with family members and society, and are unable to hold jobs can join Day Care for improvement in these areas. Day Care facilities are available for 40 persons. Day Care Services are free of cost as it is being sponsored by PRCL (Northern Railways)Day Care focuses on personal and social skills development, occupational skills, family relationship and development of psychological and social skills needed for proper family and job adjustments.
Counselling, Training & Rehabilitation in Family & Society for the clients.

Monday to Friday
10.00 AM to 4.00 PM
10.00 AM to 2.00 PM
Home Facility 
Patients whose illness is controlled but are not able to integrate in family and community would be selected for this program. Half way home facilities are provided for 20 clients.The aim of half way home is to provide residential accommodation to the families from long distance for 4-6 weeks and to help patients to develop reasonable skills for social relationships, work performance and personal satisfaction.

Our Day Care Facility is free of cost as PIPAVAV RAILWAY CORORATION PVT. LTD (PRCL) is helping us in running Day-Care centre since July 2016. They have donated items like A.C., Computer and Knitting Machine for the Day Care Centre and also reimbursing monthly expenses on transportation and Mid Day Meal for Day Care Clients

Carers’ Association

Manorogi Kalyan Sansthan was formed to encourage the care givers to join together on a common platform to share each other’s pain and joy and have a feeling of togetherness, shed stigma and work for collective betterment of their wards.

Monthly Care givers meet is being organised to create awareness; collect, publish and communicate information in the area of mental health, helping obtaining disability certificate and Trusteeship security plan. . It is a highly successful venture as parents turn up in large numbers and interact with each other. The success of the Parents Meet lies in overall participation of Parents / carer’s The proceedings of the each meeting are recorded and compiled in the form of NEWS LETTER named ABHIBHAVAK GOSTHI SANDESH.


The Lucknow branch has also organized various workshops on Mental Health. RFS, Lucknow was instrumental in celebrating August 6 2010 as Mental Awareness Day, in remembrance of IRVADI Victims. On this day those with mental disability showed their vocational skills which was appreciated by one and all.

Contact Persons

The following personnel can be contacted for details regarding admission to Half Way Home/Day Care Centre

  1. Mr. Amresh Kumar
    • 9415300228
  2. Miss Sheeba
    • 9307931937
  3. Miss Deepali Verma
    • 800486039
  4. Mrs. Pushpa Sethi
    • 9935202180
  5. Dr. Shashi Rai
    • 9415007076
  6. Dr. A. K. Agarwal
    • 9415006128

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