The JYOTHI long stay home caters to the needs of persons with chronic schizophrenia or mood disorders who require longer duration of stay. This facility is meant for those clients where the families are unable to provide constant and continuous support in their homes due the circumstances prevailing in their lives. The stay is for an indeterminate period and the duration mutually agreed upon between the respective family and the staff team. It is offered to only those who have spent at least 12 months in our halfway home “Asha”. This will help us to understand the client needs and the family commitment for this long stay placement. It is imperative that family meets and provides emotional and monetary support to these residents throughout their stay here. They are also expected to be available and participate actively whenever the Fellowship requires them to be here, e.g,. “Family Day” held once a year or any other important event that involves the residents participation as a whole group.


  • Develop sense of independence
  • Cater to their individual needs
  • Homely atmosphere where they partake in home activities
  • Providing a sense of community living
  • Employment opportunities where possible
  • Training in vocational skills