ASHA, the half-way home, established in 1989 is a residential facility situated in Jayanagar , offers a friendly, caring environment and the professional support of competent and qualified rehabilitation staff. It caters to the needs of clients who require short duration stays ranging from 6 months to a year.

The therapeutic programme at ASHA is designed to let clients develop a sense of responsibility and accountability, covering individual therapy, family therapy, group activities and vocational training. They learn about the importance of a structured life style, medication compliance, personal hygiene, and money & time management. The emphasis is on reintegrating the clients with the family/society.


  • Individual therapy – one-on-one counseling sessions
  • Family therapy – progress reviews and psycho-educational meetings for clients and their families with the treating psychiatrist and professional staff
  • Group activities – includes group therapy, social skills training, community meetings, art therapy and movement therapy
  • Structured schedule – includes self-care activities and house maintenance activities at fixed times of the day, which help re-learn some of the skills lost in the course of the disease, leisure time utilization and money management, medication compliance, relapse prevention and crisis management


  • Admission to Richmond Fellowship Society (India) Bangalore Branch facilities is made on the basis of recommendation of the treating psychiatrist.
  • The suitability of a person for admission is assessed by the Admission Committee.
  • Admission to the half way home will be done after completion of a ‘trial Stay’ period of 7 to 10 days with informed voluntary consent from the client.
  • A local treating psychiatrist and a local guardian are required to cater to the medical and personal requirements of the client.


ASHA Halfway Home
#501, 47th Cross, 9th Main, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560041
Tel: 26645583 / 22446734

Success Story

From Half-way home to Assisted Living

Mr. P, 48yr old Hindu male, educated up to Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, married but separated, hailing from lower socio economic status, living in Bangalore was referred to ‘Asha’. He presented with 28 years history of Schizophrenia of gradual onset and continuous course. The main issues were poor self-care, lack of motivation, absence of a structured routine, past history of alcohol dependence and poor medication compliance.

He stayed in ‘Asha’ for 1 year and 2 months. He adjusted to the ‘Asha’ routine very easily. He was an active participant in all the House activities. His medication compliance was monitored and his socio-occupational functioning improved. He was sent to the Day care centre (Chetana) and there he developed a good work habit and was assisting in the Printing unit with the offset printing machine. He also learnt to operate the paper cup- making machine. He worked well under the staff supervision at the centre. His elder sister and brother-in-law, his primary caregivers, moved to Pune for 3 months owing to some family issues. They located a suitable PG accommodation near Chetana and shifted him there. His treating psychiatrist put him on a long-acting injection to ensure medication compliance. The Chetana staff took over monitoring his medication and also keeping an eye on his health. He continues to attend Chetana regularly from his PG and is maintaining well. His family is pursuing to get a job for him in printing press with the help of the staff.