Services at the Lucknow Branch:

These are the mental health services offered at the Lucknow Branch. We offer a friendly, caring environment and the support of qualified staff. Please read the following information carefully.

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Please note:

You will need to be referred to us by a qualified psychiatrist (ask us if you do not know how to do that)

You will have to pay for these services.

Services Offered: The Day Care Center“Uday” is Nav-Uday Mansik Swasthya Sansthan, Viraj Khand-5, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

The center operates five days a week from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. We have acquired land for the branch at Gomti Nagar and we are raising funds for the building project. Please watch this website for more details. We need your support.

The center accepts patients only on the recommendation of their psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will continue the medical treatment of the client during their time at the day care centre.


Day Care Centre

Nav-Uday Mansik Swasthya Sansthan,

Viraj Khand-5, Gomti Nagar,

Lucknow- 226 010

Day Care for people suffering from mental illness

Occupational skill training. Fee Structure: Monthly Fee: Rs.1,500 p.m.
Refundable Deposit: None

Fortnightly free camp

Shri Harbhaj Ram Kripa Devi Trust Hospital, Lucknow.

Primarily rural population

Free medical consultation and free medication to poor patients, provided once a month. Community programme to sensitize and spread awareness about mental health and problems related to it

For the time being this programme is on hold due to lack of funding

 Half-Way Home Facilities

Half way home facilities area provided for 20 clients. The aim of half way home is to help patients to develop reasonable skills for social relationships, work performance and personal satisfaction. Patients whose illness is controlled but are not able to integrate in family and community would be selected for this program.

Carers’ Association:

Manorogi Monthly organize Care givers meet to create awareness; collect, publish and communicate information in the area of mental health, helping obtaining disability certificate and Trusteeship security plan Kalyan Sansthan

Nav-Uday Mansik Swasthya Sansthan,

Viraj Khand-5, Gomti Nagar,

Lucknow (U.P.) – 226 010.

Phone : 0522 – 2728998, Mobile.: 9450412974

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The admission to the Day Care Centre of the Richmond Fellowship Society (India) Lucknow Branch is made on the basis of recommendation of the treating psychiatrist. The suitability of a person for admission is assessed by a Clinical Admission Committee.

The Day Care facility is now totally FREE OF COST followed by FREE OPD on every 4th Saturday of the Month.

Other OPD facilities are available on every Saturday but these OPD are paid OPD’s

The Lucknow Branch of the Richmond Fellowship Society (India) was established in March 2005.The Richmond Fellowship Society (India) Lucknow Branch provides psychosocial rehabilitation to the people suffering from mental illness.


The RFS Luckow branch organizes FREE CAMP (Awarenss + OPD) at Harbhaj Ram Kripa Devi Trust Hospital, situated at Charbagh Lucknow.. This camp is organized twice a month by the trustees of the Hosptial in guidance of RFS, Lucknow


The Lucknow branch has also organized various workshops on Mental Health. RFS, Lucknow was instrumental in celebrating August 6 2010 as Mental Awareness Day, in remembrance of IRVADI Victims. On this day those with mental disability showed their vocational skills which was appreciated by one and all.

Abibhavak Gosthi (Parent’s Meet):

On every 2nd Saturday of the Month Abhibhavak Goshti is organized. It is a highly successful venture as parents turn up in large numbers and interact with each other. The success of the Parents Meet lies in overall participation of Parents / carer’s The proceedings of the each meeting are recorded and compiled in the form of NEWS LETTER named ABHIBHAVAK GOSTHI SANDESH.

Yoga Classes:

Yoga classes are also held from time to time as an extra activity. This has been introduced at RFS Lucknow since the inception of UDAY Day Care Center as YOGA and Pranayam are said to be beneficial in various mental disorders. Besides keeping fit it helps in concentration building.

Construction of Building:

The RFS (I) Lucknow branch is also proposing to start it’s building construction work at Gomti Nagar, The map has been passed and approved by the Lucknow Development Authority and it has been unanimously resolved to start the construction work w.e.f. October 10, 2010

Those Interested in giving donations are whole heartedly welcome, the donations must be made in the name of “The Richmond Fellowship Society (India) Lucknow Branch, payable at Lucknow.”

Contact Persons:

The following personnel can be contacted for details regarding admission to Half Way Home/Day Care Centre

1. Mr. Amresh Kumar
Ph : 0522-272 8998, 9450412974 (10:00 - 4:00 P. M.)
       9415300228 (After 4:00 P. M.)

2. Miss Sheeba
Ph : 9307931937

3. Miss Jyoti Verma
Ph : 800486039

4. Dr. M. C. Upreti
Ph : 9452846935

5. Dr. Shashi Rai
Ph : 9415007076

6. Dr. A. K. Agarwal
Ph : 9415006128